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Value of Life

“Are you ok?” The security had asked for the third time as Ganesh stood there with uncontrollable tears and simply stared. “I am fine.” He managed to say. As he started climbing the stairs, he could still hear the security’s words who stood at the gate of his apartment. “My …

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Corona Lockdown 2 Lockdown Calorie

Fitness and me go a long way together or should I say a long distance altogether. I always think about getting fit and start a routine only to leave it a while later. Earlier it was step aerobics and last year it was paleo. I lost weight only to gain …

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The Magic

“Fine then. See you tomorrow.” Her laughter was still ringing in his mind as he drove back to his place on the deserted road. It was a Saturday evening and they had gone to the beach together. It was never a date ever. They liked each other’s company and spent …

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Fun n Fun

1) Only participants over 18 years of age are eligible to participate in the contest.
2) The Picture must contain only one individual (Age no bar) and the Sun. Even two person are not allowed.
3) Only one picture per participant is allowed to submit.
4) Judges’ decision is final.
5) The picture should be sent to or whatsapp @ 91-9629258351
6) The Picture should be in JPEG or PNG format only.
7) The picture should be sent on or before May 31, 2019.

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Wedding Vows

A Wedding Vow is always a Wow Factor, then why not plan it in a Wow Location. A Dream Scenic Romantic Wedding Day completes your start of a Happily Ever After. Practically it may not be possible to actually have it at an wow location and capture the romantic moments …

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All About Me

Believe the Idea that gives a great visit to you Love it, Nurture in your thoughts, Decorate with your words Organize it and give a meaning to it Grow it like a seed and spread your word This is what a Blog is all about or that is how I feel a Blog should all be about. What started to be a solution for my Post-Partum Blues gave me a new insight in life and a great platform to learn new things. It is a great way to convey my views and also to exhibit my textual culinary. The way people react to my posts also teach me wondrous things that I will never be able to learn anywhere else. It has been my world or a counter side of my otherwise hectic world. I am Jeba Kalai Arasi, schooled at Seventh Day Adventist Matriculation Higher Secondary School and graduated from the Thiagarajar College Of Engineering , Department of Mechatronics. Started off my career at Infosys and switched to Tata Consultancy Services for a while and then called it quits when I got married. Happily married for 7 years and a Happy and Proud mom of a Charming Prince and a Beautiful Princess. I am currently the Managing Director of JeV!ncy, a Consulting and Marketing Firm.
Please go thorugh to know more about our services.
Reading and Writing are like my breath and soul and cannot turn a day peacefully without turning a page of a book. My other interests are food and travel. I am a great comic lover and still collect older versions of Archies, Tinkle and ACK.
I have written many blogs on different genre and my friends and family suggested I keep everything in one place to avoid clutter and hence this website was formed. I write to other blogging sites too and my interview has been published in I love to get suggestions, comments and to network with people too.
Feel free to contact me @
My social Media links are
Facebook -
Quora -
Youtube -
LinkedIn -
Hoping to have a great Journey together. Have a great day!!!!!

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St. Monica

St.Monica, also nicknamed Monica of Hippo was the mother of St. Augustine of Hippo. She is the actual reason of the life and service of St. Augustine altogether. She was born in 331 AD in Tagaste. When she was very young, she was married off to a Roman Pagan Patricius …

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St. Bernadette

St.Bernadette of Lourdes was born on 7th January 1844 to a poor miller. She was the first among nine children. She was baptized on January 9th at the local Parish church. When she was a toddler, she caught cholera and also suffered Asthma. She lived in a very poor health …

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St. Rose of Lima

St.Rose of Lima is the first person born in America to be canonized. She is known for her life of severe asceticism and also famed for her beauty. She was born in Lima, the Viceroyalty of Peru to Gasper Flores and Maria de Oliva y Herrera on April 20,1586. She …

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