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Lent Lesson 44: Truthfulness

Truthfulness – Being true and honest in all dealings and making it a practice in day to day life. She came home tired and sleepy. She was about to relax in her cosy chair when she felt something amiss. Her favorite vase was missing from its usual place. She was …

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Lent Lesson 43: Tolerance

Tolerance – Persistent endurance in an uncomfortable environment. He got irritated as usual. His superior officer has thrown one more of his tantrum on a simple issue. This happens almost every day. When he is about to start the day on a good note he will receive a mail or …

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Lent Lesson 42: Sincerity

Sincerity – Genuine and true to one’s own faith She tried standing up. She couldn’t. The fall was a bad one. She hurt her knee and her dress got torn. She composed herself and got up. The pain was unbearable. She was a professor and was going to attend to …

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Lent Lesson 41: Sensitivity

Sensitivity – Delicacy and subtlety in emotions. He woke up for the fourth time in the train. He was bringing his son and wife back home after the delivery and stay at her father’s place. His 5 month old son was having his first train journey and he didn’t want …

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Lent Lesson 40: Self Control

Self control – Ability to control oneself at difficult or tempting situations The aroma was so alluring. It was the best sweet meat shop in the city. She just couldn’t stand near it without drooling. She was 3 months pregnant with gestational diabetes. She was strictly prohibited from eating sweets …

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Lent Lesson 39: Security

Security – A sense of protection or feeling protected without any threats. She looked around for the tenth time now. She started to feel uncomfortable. She felt she was in a hostile environment. There were so many people around she did not know or have never seen. Some looked friendly …

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Lent Lesson 38: Respect

Respect – Treating or Considering someone in high regard He stepped on the brakes on the traffic signal. A little boy tapped on the windows. He rolled it down. He was asking him whether he would like to buy a small stuffed toy. As he saw it he could see …

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Lent Lesson 37: Responsibility

Responsibility – Being accountable and answerable to something within one’s control. He counted his piggy bank for the third time. He was just 6 and took a long time to count. After ensuring he had enough to buy a chocolate he was finally happy. He took the money and went …

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Lent Lesson 36: Resourcefulness

Resourcefulness – Being smart and clever to find a solution to unseen problems. He just started a business of selling meat at a busy crowded street. The competition was so high that he found it very difficult to cope up with. The rent of his shop was getting too much …

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Lent Lesson 35: Punctuality

Punctuality – Being on time for all appointments and not keep anyone waiting. He had been driving buses in the same route for the past 10 Years. He was always on time every time. He always took it a personal responsibility to take people who board on his bus on …

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