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Super Swiggy

After becoming a super mom to a handsome boy, I have added some responsibilities and deleted some. Cooking stands first in the deletion first. I am a very slow cook and nowadays couldn’t bring myself to concentrate to cook. My ever affectionate husband has taken it to his role now. …

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Julie and Julia and Jeba – Part 2

I got something Julie and Julia dreamt of but didn’t have – A baby. After I shared the blog Julie and Julia and Jeba, I was wondering what to do next, my pregnancy got confirmed. The way I confirmed my pregnancy is a tale worth telling. After having read about …

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Julie and Julia and Jeba

Movies and life are becoming inseparable now. I am no exception. I am on the path to becoming a big movie buff in the fast lane. 🙂 I often stay late and watch movies as if there’s no tomorrow. I love watching all genre of movies, my favorite being animation …

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Budding Numismatic

I am really very very happy to introduce my most valuable Coin album. Here goes the pic of the physical album. I love and admire each and every coin I have and each have an interesting story of how it came into my possession. It all started with admiring the …

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Why this Kolaveri?

After watching a big ad fight between the TOI and The Hindu, I decided to read both the papers. Both contained the same news but the prioritisation and the size of column for each category of news were the ones that made a difference. But this is not what I …

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Beyond Da Vinci Code

The best seller of Dan brown’s work Da Vinci code ,no doubt, turned to be the favourite of so many ardent mystery book lovers. I am no exception. The book caught me in clutches when I read it first. Still when i read it, it keeps me from getting distracted. …

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Welcome 2012

Bidding farewell to anyone is a difficult task. Though I am eager to welcome 2012, mixed feelings to bid farewell to 2011. It had not been my best year but hopefully it should have been my worst as I can’t take any more pressures than I handled in 2011. Happy …

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Harry Potter in my life

I am proud to sat that I am one among the million others hit by the ‘Potter mania’. I don’t really remember when I started reading it with great zeal. When my aunt got me the first book in the series, I remember reading it till Harry eats a chocolate …

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Who am I? I am a S/W Engineer

Being into India’s leading Profession, I cannot really decide whether I am proud and happy to be where I stand now. 3 Years of experience in IT. I am looking back to see what I have gained and what I lost. What if i have the chance to relive my …

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