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Princess Rosy – Episode 9

Rosy and Evelyn started walking towards the oak tree happily with the Robin. A big bunch of fireflies glowed like a golden flame and guided their way. Rosy asked the Robin, ” We are much thankful to be invited to the party. Can you tell me the reason for hosting …

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Princess Rosy – Episode 8

Rosy could hardly contain her excitement. She was literally jumping and hopping as she made her way to her room. BUZZZZZZZZZZ. Suddenly she could hear the fireflies buzzing merrily in the garden. She wanted to spend some time in the moonlight. She went to the garden. She was feeling so …

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Princess Rosy – Episode 7

Rosy felt she was in a dream. She was with her mother after a very long time. She felt so happy seeing the sky blue eyes of her mother speaking in such a gentle voice full of love and care for Rosy. Her soft hands hugged Rosy and her long …

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Princess Rosy – Episode 6

When Rosy got to her room she was very tired. She wanted to sleep immediately. She changed her dress, brushed her teeth and brushed her hair. She was about to say her prayers when she heard a knocking sound on her door. It was a soft knock. “Who is that? …

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Princess Rosy – Episode 5

“All Hail Princess Rosy”. The crowd was shouting in joy. Rosy was dressed in a milk white long Frock and was wearing a crown with sparkling diamonds. She wore a laced glove with glitters on it and her shoes shined like white marble. She was feeling all happy and her …

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Princess Rosy – Episode 4

Morning dawned bright and golden. The sun’s rays fell on Rosy and her long bushy black hair flowed like a river on the pillows. Rosy slowly opened her eyes and she felt scared on seeing the new place. She completely forgot she was at the Lions house. “Rosy dear, are …

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Princess Rosy – Episode 3

The Eagle and Rosy flew for a very long time without stopping. Now and then the eagle turned and asked “Rosy are you comfortable ?” Rosy replied yes. They crossed many rivers, tall trees, Green Meadows and two mountains. Rosy was watching all this with great excitement. She was very …

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Princess Rosy – Episode 2

When Rosy woke up in the morning she was in a very soft comfortable bed surrounded by soft cushion pillows. There was a big window in front of her which showed the golden rays of the sun. Sweet smell of roses filled her nose and she was feeling so happy. …

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Princess Rosy – Episode 1

Long long ago there was a small village. A huge river flowed on its right and left and looked like a huge blue rainbow. Huge trees, sweet smelling lots and lots of flowers, herbs painted the village green. The village was so beautiful and colorful. All the people in it …

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