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Series – Lovely Story

A Lovely Story Episode 11

Ilakiya was too tensed as she got down the car. Aaran held her hands gently once, looked into her eyes and said, “You will feel at home very soon here. Don’t think too much and stress yourself.” She nodded. Aaran greeted Vasugi too and helped them with the bags and …

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A Lovely Story Episode 10

Harish was having a very hard time driving the car with almost no visibility. The rain was pouring on mercilessly. He wanted to drop Jeeva soon and reach home before the condition gets even worse. But he was helpless now. The wipers were furiously moving its arms to and fro …

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A Lovely Story Episode 9

Ilakiya was full of mixed emotions as she packed a bag with her essentials to stay with Aaran. She was almost finished when Vasugi came near and started talking, “Hey that was so kind of Aaran to invite us both to stay at his house for a week. Last time …

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A Lovely Story Episode 8

Aaran was plainly staring and admiring her when Ilakiya was on the call with Jeeva. “I told you many times not to stare at me like this. I get too shy.” She expressed false anger. Aaran smiled. “Is everything fine there? Or should we go there and help them?” He …

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A Lovely Story Episode 7

Jeeva unwillingly gave the baby back to the nurse but stared continuously as though the baby may be returned back to her. As expected the nurse came back but she got dejected as she came with empty hands. “You can see your friend in a while after she regains her …

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A Lovely Story Episode 6

Ilakiya saw her once more in the mirror at the washroom of the mall. Aaran had brought her to a mall after a fantastic ride at the sea for lunch. She had come to the washroom to refresh herself. As she looked into the mirror, she never felt more radiant …

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A Lovely Story Episode 5

Jeeva was little fidgety as she made her way through the long lunch line to get an empty seat. She was alone today as both Ilakiya and Aaran are on their first romantic date and Harish had an emergency onsite call. Jeeva was not comfortable with the other members of …

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A Lovely Story Episode 4

Aaran loved driving a lot but not today. He badly wanted to be at some place where he can stare at her all day. She looked completely different now. She used to be a big chatterbox but was completely quiet now. He tried to have a bit of a small …

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A Lovely Story Episode 3

Aaran was in full spirits as he woke up in the morning. He started to get ready in such a hurry that he almost forgot his phone lying in the charger. He rushed back to his room, picked the phone and hurried to his mom. His dad was sleeping and …

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A Lovely Story Episode 2

Ilakiya was still frozen. Even Aaran did not know what to react. There was a tap on the window. It was Ramya, Ilakiya’s roommate. They were staying in a shared accommodation near the office. She had come to help Ilakiya walk inside the house. They came to their senses finally. …

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