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Series – The Revenge

Revenge Episode 14

“Queen Meenakshi’s last desire??? “ Kanda asked Raj as he sat down. He looked very tired but there was a bit of color in the face that had gone pale in the last few hours. Raj looked at Kanda with a dreamy gaze and repeated again. “Queen Meenakshi’s last desire. …

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Revenge Episode 13

‘The Ring. The Ring. The Ring.’ Rajarajan was blabbering all the while Raj tried to put a shot on him to revive. Raj was so irritated and frustrated that he really wanted to hit the old man badly but remained calm. He was too angry to mourn for his father …

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Revenge Episode 12

Kandasamy fainted on seeing the old man’s wound heal. It was too much for him to bear. It was the second immortal he had witnessed in a day. He could not get a plausible explanation for any of that. When he regained his senses he found he was lying in …

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Revenge Episode 11

Thondaiman’s shrieks and commands were clearly heard by him. He was shouting aloud and asking soldiers to bring a cot to carry him outside. He was giving orders to find what he made him to reach the ultimate decision – suicide. He smiled to himself. “Let Thondaiman try his best.He …

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Revenge Episode 10

King Ravi Varma and Thondaiman was about to eat when they were interrupted by a soldier announcing the arrival of Kabilan, the chief of the spy force. They immediately left the food and went out of have a private chat. “You know something. I feel so tired nowadays and not …

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Revenge Episode 9

Vinoth was sitting on a bench panting. He badly wanted to retrieve his treasured ring but he did not know how. He did not have the strength to plan also. He touched his pockets to check if he has any money. His wallet contained some. He decided to eat first …

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Revenge Episode 8

King Ravi Varma was visibly upset. He could relate the pain Rajarajan felt on losing his son as he himself has lost all his 3 sons on birth. The crown prince Selvan is the biological son of Thondaiman and he had adopted him. Though he loved him dearly he could …

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Revenge Episode 7

A loud ambulance siren brought Vinoth back to his senses. The events that occurred in the day had been very much unexpected and tiring. As he sat in the park bench, his hand still clutched the surgical knife that slit Dr. Srinivasan. He had thought he got better of his …

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Revenge Episode 6

Prof Shanmugam was jumping in joy. The 65 year archeologist felt complete now. For almost a decade he was in search of King Ravi Varma who had gone missing in history. Somehow he got smitten by the king and has spent all these years searching for him. He started to …

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Revenge Episode 5

The clock chimed 11.30 in the nearby tower where Dr. Srinivasan and Dr. Raj Srinivasan lay waiting. Kandasamy had promised to get them Vinoth’s address immediately. In no mood to wait at the clinic, Srinivasan called his son and started off in their car. They went for an aimless drive …

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