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Value of Life

“Are you ok?” The security had asked for the third time as Ganesh stood there with uncontrollable tears and simply stared. “I am fine.” He managed to say. As he started climbing the stairs, he could still hear the security’s words who stood at the gate of his apartment. “My …

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The Magic

“Fine then. See you tomorrow.” Her laughter was still ringing in his mind as he drove back to his place on the deserted road. It was a Saturday evening and they had gone to the beach together. It was never a date ever. They liked each other’s company and spent …

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A Great Connection

He always returned home very early from office. When the office gets over by 6 he will be seen at home at 6.30. Even during the weekend if he goes out to meet his friends he would come back soon. His wife was so happy. Her friends always used to …

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‘It’s the fifth time you called ‘, he almost shouted. ‘Either that or you are asking me to send voice message so many times. Why are you behaving like this? Don’t you how busy I get when I go outside? ‘ She simply replied, ‘Sorry’. She looked as if she …

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Its All In The Name

She hurriedly prepared all his favourite dishes. She finally made his favourite cold coffee and set the table for dinner in as best way she could. She switched the channel to his favourite one and she got dressed in the dress he always loved. Time seemed to drag as she …

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The Eyes

He went to get his eyes checked for that month. He is 80 and was advised regular health checkups to follow on his health. He never cared about his appointments for the checkup except for his eye. He never missed even one appointment. He used to wear glasses. Other than …

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Message of Love

They were dating. Every night was filled with sweet nothings. She was always very expressive while he kept things to himself. She always said I love you often but he simply replied with a smiley. Today was the same. They were chatting for a long while. She started to feel …

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The Picture

“So this is it huh?” Her eyes widened at the voice of Ranveer singh. It was the advertisement for VIVO V5 mobile phone. Her favorite. She usually increased the volume and sat glued to the TV set till it gets over. He did not mind anything she does but this …

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The Cleanest Tile

“Your bathroom is very clean. The white tiles simply bears our reflection. It is nice. ” This was the usual compliment for their restroom. She was explaining for the umpteenth time to the visitor that he was obsessed with the white tiles in the bathroom and always spends all of …

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The Dashing Lesson

She loved going for long drives with him. He was ever busy and whenever he could spare time they went for long drives. He was always in control but he loved driving fast. Also when someone drives not minding the rules he never misses to give them a piece of …

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