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Keepers of the Kalachakra – Ashwin Sanghi

Have you ever experienced the feel of reading something so interesting that you can’t wait to share with others? I am writing this now on such a note. Ashwin Sanghi has kindled this happiness with his latest fictional work – Keepers of the Kalachakra.

Warning : spoilers ahead. Brief summary of the book – Protagonist being a scientist is lured to a very lucrative research offer at a place which seems to be the headquarters to plan and kill people who are liberals. This seems to be a way to aggravate staunch Islamic followers and make them wage a war against everyone else. The plan of killing each liberal goes way beyond the times of Ramayana but makes us stick to the path.

This book has changed the perception of many things for me. Right from the understanding of Ramayana to the raging war on Islam in the latest , he has given his own ideology and makes us experience that perception. At the end we are eager to believe and trust his judgement rather than the classic version.

The concept of Quantum twin was just too amazing. I was already so much fascinated by the Time Twin concept recently at a Social Media site and this Quantum Twin has taken fiction beyond basic level.

Always duality of life is limited to Ying and Yang or Male and Female. This new duality concept of each matter or rather each living cell as particle and wave was so fascinating. Also the way he had handled Hinduism and Islam was way too decent and inflicts respect in both.

My Verdict: A must read for all Fiction lovers.

Ashwin Sanghi, you have really earned a very big fan and will forward to all your works in the future

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