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Lent Lesson 24: Humility

Humility – Being humble when you can be boastful

He was the only one from his family who could read English. All teased him at school because he came from a non educated background. With the exception of him all went to elite tuitions to get the maximum marks.

He put on his complete efforts and left no stone unturned when he had doubts on a particular topic. He went to the teachers and got everything clarified. The teachers observing his keen interest helped him to the core.

The day the results were to be published, all were eagerly waiting and boasted they would be getting the highest marks. He just stood in the corner praying he should pass so that he can continue his education.

When the results were out, he was the only one who passed with distinction while people who teased him could not even manage to pass.

God has given his word – “Those who humble himself shall be exalted and whose who exalt himself shall be humbled.” Even Jesus who is the King of the world was born and brought up by humble parents in a humble home. God always keeps up his word. Let’s Humble ourselves before the Lord and do our duty. God’s rewards will be much more than we ever imagine of

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