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Lent Lesson 25: Initiative

Initiative – Taking charge of or acting on a thing independently and setting an example for others

She tried hard asking her family to go to church every Sunday. One or the other member would have an issue and wouldn’t get up in the morning. Ultimately it would end up none going to the chapel.

Finally she took the matter into her hands. Instead of being fed up and getting angry on all for not getting ready she decided to take the initiative of going to the church everyday on her own.

She used to wake up very early and go for the first prayer at church. Initially it was hard to go alone. But as days went by she got used to. Her family members saw this great initiative of hers and decided to follow her. One by one all started to accompany her.

In a couple of months they all went to the chapel as a family regularly and had a great start of a Sunday praying together. She thanked God for the wonderful change.

Similarly God has taken the initiative to love us and care for us whatever we do. It will be fitting for us to love Him back with all our heart and lead our lives in His path. Also to treat all others as we treat ourselves.

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