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Lent Lesson 26: Joyfulness

Joyfulness – Enjoying the pleasures in life without having self pity all the time

“It will cost you ₹5000 to change the damaged unit and to make the ac start working.” The mechanic gave his final verdict. He felt so bad. The summer heat was flaring up and ac has became a necessity but his ac was down with repairs.

He has to shell out so much now to get it repaired. “Why me?” He thought. He was so full of self pity when he decided to go for a drive to vent his frustration. As he opened the gate of his house, there was loud laughs and giggles.

The children in the nearby hutment were playing joyfully in the hot sun. He stood silent for a minute. They too have to bear the blasting sun and they cannot afford an ac. Still they find something to enjoy life and have reason to laugh.

He decided to do something. From then on he used to offer his Maid and cook juices everyday all summer to help them battle the sun. He realized celebrating life is the only way to fight self pity. He became a better person.

God has created everything with so much care and love and have given the control over everything to us. Celebrating each and every day with this wonderful gift of life and praising Him for His grace and mercies will make life meaningful.

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