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Lent Lesson 27:Justice

Justice – Fair treatment in any situation.

He was in a big dilemma. His 3 year old daughter was taking part in a fancy dress competition in which the first prize was a pack of sketch pens. She was constantly telling him that she wants the colors so badly.

It so happened he knew the judge who will give away the prizes very well. He thought of convincing him to give the prize to his daughter. He was all set to go when he glanced across the hall. All the kids were eagerly dressed to impress the judge to get the prize.

He decided against going to the judge. He felt it unfair to take advantage. Finally when the results were announced it was another boy who won the prize who happened to be his daughters friend. On getting the color pens he shared it with her and they started playing happily.

God knows what to give and when to give. He gives all the people fair share of His creation. It is our duty to be just and righteous to enjoy what is bestowed on us.

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