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Lent Lesson 28: Love

Love – A strong feeling of affection

He loved his cat so much that he always fed it first before sitting for his food. Always used to see whether his cat was comfortable before he left for school and in the evening used to rush to see it.

One fine day it got lost when it went for a short stroll in the fields. He just could not accept the fact. He became all teary eyed and started searching for it frantically. His parents too joined and helped him find his cat. One could neither find the cat nor console him.

He was so aghast. He wouldn’t eat properly. Finally his father got him a new cat. He was so happy to get a new one and started loving it from the instant he set eyes on it. Still he did not give up the search for his old cat.Finally he managed to find it and he loved and lived with both the cats.

Our savior is the same. Though he has so many to love and live for, he would not give up on any one of us. We all are so very precious in His eyes that he just wouldn’t mind forgiving us and bestowing us with the choicest blessing. Only thing He asks us is to love Him back.

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