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Lent Lesson 29: Loyalty

Loyalty – Strong devotion and faithfulness

He was always doing this work or the other without minding other’s teasing. He used to stay late and leave office only after completing the work. People used to talk behind his back a lot. He never minded their murmurs.

He continued his duty without any compromise. For him loyalty to the Company came first before anything else. His manager also used to tease him for working so hard. He never replied back to such comments.

One day the Manger received a letter demanding explanation for a certain amount of money spent from the CEO of the company failing which he will be fired from the Company. The Manager was shell shocked.

He never had a proper track of anything and now he cannot even justify his end. He was at wits end when he came to the Managers rescue. He always maintained proper records and he had clear record with explanation for the amount spent. The Manager was finally relieved and thanked him profusely. He politely replied, “It’s my duty.”

God created everything and made us masters of His creation. Eventually when we started falling in sin, he gave thousands and thousands of chances to make us realize our blessings and turn to His path in life. We can repay all the favors by being loyal to Him.

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