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Lent Lesson 30: Meekness

Meekness – Submissive when required to and handling a situation without anger.

She wanted to literally shout at the guy who was taking everyone’s time at the long queue. It was a fast food Centre and the place was packed for lunch. The guy at the front was taking his own leisure time asking about each dish and making his mind before ordering it.

She was the one who was taking his order and she got literally angry. There were people who looked hungry in the line and she felt so bad for them . Some people murmured and some even shouted at him to hurry. This angered him further and he intentionally took long now.

She had to handle this now. She knew getting angry and shouting at him wouldn’t work. She decided to remain meek. She patiently explained the details when he asked for and finally said, “Sir, the third in the line behind you is a little girl and she looks really hungry. I am glad to service you but cannot see the look in her eyes. Can we move a bit faster here?”

He seemed to understand the situation and moved bit faster. She was able to manage the situation properly because of not venting out her temper.

God has thousands and thousands of reasons to be angry on us. But he remains meek and always waits for us to realize our mistakes and get back to Him. It is time to understand and change our lives and move onto Him. Also its our duty to control our temper and be Submissive as not to hurt anyone.

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