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Lent Lesson 31: Obedience

Obedience – Compliance and submission to another one’s authority

His father was always prepared about the next day. He would keep things in place ever ready to meet tomorrow . He insisted everyone to do the same. Storing water, edible goods for the next day was always his priority.

Many teased him for that character. Many even advised him not to continue this and asked him to face every day as new. But he continued his duty and instructed his son to follow the same.

His son was very obedient. Though the old man left for eternity he always did as was instructed. He was always on toes to be prepared for the coming days. He was also taunted but he did not budge.

This continued till there was a sudden cyclone hit in the city. People were so much affected and did not even have the bare essentials. They greatly suffered without milk and other much required perishable commodities. Only he had everything prepared and he opted to share this with everyone he can. This time they had no words to say. He was finally rewarded for his obedience.

Our Heavenly Father has instructed a lot of things to us which when followed obediently brings us nothing but joy and everlasting Happiness. He has given a great path and words of wisdom to instruct us to move in the path. Only thing He asks is to obey.

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