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Lent Lesson 32: Orderliness

Orderliness – Maintaining a schedule or arrangement in a neat fashion.

She always accommodated everyone in her schedule. She was a home maker and she had kids and elders to take care. She had a good schedule and worked about it all day.

Food, bath, snacks and drinks for each and everyone was on her list. It so happened once her husband got to see her schedule one day. It had everything planned properly. He was going through it when he found something amiss.

There was nothing about her on it. When asked her about this, she replied, “There is never a separate schedule for me. When I take care of everyone I am complete.”

Similarly our Savior has a complete order on His creation and a perfect schedule for everyone. He never gets anything in turn. And He never has a plan for Himself anytime. Everytime it’s only about us with Him. The only way we can replicate this perfect order is my maintaining a proper schedule to communicate with Him regularly in prayer.

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