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Lent Lesson 33: Patience

Patience – Tolerating or accepting inconveniences without annoyance

She was patiently waiting for her son to finish his morsel of food that was lying in his mouth for a long time. It had been an hour since she started feeding him. He was just a year old and always had trouble eating.

She told numerous stories and carried him here and there to make him eat. She was completely exhausted not having eaten anything herself. She was about to give up when she saw him. She knew he will not have any energy to play if he doesn’t eat properly.

She decided to be even more patient and try more tactics to make him eat. He finally completed his food. Once complete he started playing. The loud laughter was reward enough for her.

We often face so many incidents which test our patience. We succeed sometimes and fail many times and give in to our temper. Our savior who has the control over the alpha and omega of the Universe, has control over Himself too and has never ever lost patience on us. We must make it a practice never to indulge in any situation that will test His patience level.

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