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Lent Lesson 34: Perseverence

Perseverance – Tolerating all unpleasantries and keep on trying till you succeed.

She scanned the newspaper again. No new news on competitive exams. She checked her mail and noted down the dates for all the exams she already enrolled for. She started preparing whenever she can.

Any and every moment she could spare was spent in the preparation. She was not satisfied with the corporate Job she held and wanted to join a bank. She flunked in the first time at the bank exams. She was dejected but not the one to give up. She enrolled again. And again. Her friends and family supported her.

She never minded about the distance of the exam Centre from her place, the preparation hassles and all hurdles that came between. Her target was clear. Finally she succeeded. She learnt one important lesson the day she joined her dream job. Perseverance never fails.

God wants us to have this perseverance to not to give ourselves to sin anytime. He has shown his great perseverance of not leaving us on our own even after sinning against him umpteen times. He is willing to care and love us ever and gives us hope of a great future.

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