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Lent Lesson 35: Punctuality

Punctuality – Being on time for all appointments and not keep anyone waiting.

He had been driving buses in the same route for the past 10 Years. He was always on time every time. He always took it a personal responsibility to take people who board on his bus on time. He was always punctual.

Though he never got reprimanded for the same he was never rewarded either. One day as he started to go as usual he saw a surprising sight. A pregnant lady almost on labor was waiting at the stop. He rushed to the stop and enquired the people.

They said they were waiting for the bus. He scolded them to have called the ambulance and go to the hospital. They replied, “We do not know whether it will come on time. Whereas we are sure you will take her to the hospital on time.” Their trust was reward enough for him to remain punctual ever.

Our God is always punctual. Whether it is blessings for our good work or warnings for sinful act we will get it on time. He is punctual in every act of His. We just need to follow in His path and proceed on with His teachings in our life.

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