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Lent Lesson 36: Resourcefulness

Resourcefulness – Being smart and clever to find a solution to unseen problems.

He just started a business of selling meat at a busy crowded street. The competition was so high that he found it very difficult to cope up with. The rent of his shop was getting too much for him to afford too. Many advised him to close the shop and go for some other business.

He did not want to lose hope. He wanted to get a solution to his problem not to run away from it. He decided to apply technology to his business. He created an app that will enable to place an order and he will deliver it to the customers place.

This reduced his dependency of a rented space too. He got the necessary items from the vendor and supplied it on demand. His resourcefulness helped him overcame hardship and become a master in this new line of business.

Our God wants all of us to be highly resourceful. He always gives us problems that we can face and emerge victorious. He gives us new techniques and ways to handle a problem. We need to be updated on Him through our communication with prayer to face any shortcomings.

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