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Lent Lesson 38: Respect

Respect – Treating or Considering someone in high regard

He stepped on the brakes on the traffic signal. A little boy tapped on the windows. He rolled it down. He was asking him whether he would like to buy a small stuffed toy. As he saw it he could see it was not made that good and looked frayed at the edges.

It won’t last for a long time if he buys it. He was about to reject when he saw a small tag protruding out of his pocket. It was an identity card. When enquired he got to know that the boy was a school goer and he sells toys during his free time to help his mother.

He got overwhelmed and paid more than the worth of the toy. The boy objects initially but after much persisting he accepts. The boy gets the money and puts in a small box and says “Thank you sir. The money for the toy goes for my studies. The extra will be saved for my brother’s education. He has just started school. ” He learnt that respect is not only meant for elders that day.

There are so many people in this world who leave behind selfish thoughts and live for others. They belong to God’s Kingdom and deserve high respect from everyone. God respected people’s ways and endured pain when he came to live among us as a human being. He deserves the most respect and love above all from each and every one of us.

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