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Lent Lesson 39: Security

Security – A sense of protection or feeling protected without any threats.

She looked around for the tenth time now. She started to feel uncomfortable. She felt she was in a hostile environment. There were so many people around she did not know or have never seen. Some looked friendly and smiled while some looked not so friendly.

She searched for her all around again. Her savior. She could not find her. She was about to do the only thing she knew. She wanted to cry aloud. As she started to cry a gentle arm touched her and picked her from the cradle and carried her close to her chest.

She finally found her mother’s warmth. She felt secure now. She was no longer scared. She smiled and drifted to sleep almost immediately.

Our Heavenly Father is always ready to be this sense of security to each and every one of us. Only He can keep us safe from any threats. We can feel His warmth thorough regular correspondence with Him through prayers.

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