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Lent Lesson 40: Self Control

Self control – Ability to control oneself at difficult or tempting situations

The aroma was so alluring. It was the best sweet meat shop in the city. She just couldn’t stand near it without drooling. She was 3 months pregnant with gestational diabetes. She was strictly prohibited from eating sweets but she had a strong craving for it.

She was even prescribed a strict diet. She often wished to comply with her craving but she practiced self control. She strictly obeyed her dietician. Whenever she was about to give up her baby’s kick would remind her of her duty towards it and she would control herself.

This continued till her delivery. She gave birth to a very healthy baby boy. Her self control finally got paid. The tiny fingers that held her made her feel happy for all those small sacrifices she did. She applauded herself for retaining her self control to have gained such a treasure.

Our savior who is the master of the Universe had immense self control to have lived a human life enduring all pains and finally after crucifixion justifying us to the Heavenly Father. Even one ounce of His self control will be enough for us to resist sin and move one step closer to him. Once we are successful a great treasure is waiting to be rewarded to us.

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