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Lent Lesson 41: Sensitivity

Sensitivity – Delicacy and subtlety in emotions.

He woke up for the fourth time in the train. He was bringing his son and wife back home after the delivery and stay at her father’s place. His 5 month old son was having his first train journey and he didn’t want anything to trouble him.

He made sure he packed everything ready for him. He got his favorite rattles, music toys and comforters and what not. He made sure the seat was clean and covered it with a even more soft blanket before placing his son on it. He ensured the window was open to the right level of comfort for his son.

He went an extra mile to make sure his son doesn’t wake up in the night and enjoys a comfortable journey. He didn’t shut his eye even for a minute but at the end of the journey when his son woke up from a deep slumber and started playing he forgot all his tiredness and joined him happily.

If this is how a father treats his son just imagine how much more care the Heavenly Father will have on all His children. He is sensitive on regards to each and every living being He has created and cares for them so tenderly. We should be sensitive enough in all our actions not to bring any sinful acts in our life to keep our Heavenly Father happy.

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