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Lent Lesson 44: Truthfulness

Truthfulness – Being true and honest in all dealings and making it a practice in day to day life.

She came home tired and sleepy. She was about to relax in her cosy chair when she felt something amiss. Her favorite vase was missing from its usual place. She was enquiring about it to her husband when her toddler came running and said, “I broke it Mummy. It fell into bits.”

She was about to lose her temper when he came on her lap and hugged her tightly and said, “it’s good I told you the truth now. You will not be angry on me as you told me speaking truth will never bring me harm. ”

She was so moved by the innocent confidence of her son that she forgot all her anger and hugged him back. This lesson of truthfulness will linger in both their minds for a very long time.

We can have this same confidence with our Heavenly Father too. He will reward us back the same way when we practice truthfulness as a habit in our lives. Our Savior has given us all that He has promised in our lives ever. His words have never been a lie anytime.

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