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Lent Lesson 45: Virtue

Virtue – Behavior showing high moral standards

He never cared about his looks or attire. He was always focused on doing all the good things he can in his time. His neighbor was just the opposite. He was always into hoarding wealth and advertising it.

This went on for quite some time. His popularity grew while his neighbors declined. His neighbor started to feel jealous and started concentrating on more ways to show off his wealth. He spent so much time to select his clothes and accessories carefully which would speak of his wealth.

Still many did not respect him. He wanted to know the reason and asked someone about it. The person looked at him and said, “While you were busy trying to show off he was busy being virtuous. His virtue is so huge that your wealth looks meagre in front of it. Maybe that’s why he is better loved than you.”

Virtue is not just a lesson. It’s the way of life God has given. God has lived His life in such a way that it’s an example for everyone to follow. Today as He is laid in the grave He has fulfilled His promise of redeeming each and every one of us from all our sins. We should be ready to resurrect with Him from our unworthy ways to lead a virtuous life.

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