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Lent Lesson 7: Creativity

Creativity – Approaching things in a novel way for a better cause.

Once a kid was gifted with a play dough and some moulds. It started to roll the dough and cut shapes as per the mould. The kid liked it so much that he always played it. He reached a stage when he was tired of playing with the same moulds.

He started to lose interest when his parents decided to do something. They showed him the way to make shapes out of it without any moulds. He got excited. He started playing with the dough again making more creative shapes everyday.

Similarly God teaches us various methods to get us interested in the word of God and the proper ways of living. We need to be proactive to identify them and be creative in our own way to get them practiced in our life.

We can have our own way of getting us to avoid temptation and follow the word of God. Once it gets obsolete we need to be creative to identify other method to get us falling away from the path of God.

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