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Princess Rosy – Episode 6

When Rosy got to her room she was very tired. She wanted to sleep immediately. She changed her dress, brushed her teeth and brushed her hair. She was about to say her prayers when she heard a knocking sound on her door. It was a soft knock.

“Who is that? “Rosy called.” It’s me dear. Are you sleeping? ” The eagle replied. She ran to open the door. The eagle was standing there very majestically with a big deer. The deer had great big horns and it had a gentle smile.

” Hello are you Rosy? “The eagle just told me all about you. I am so happy to meet you.” The deer said in a soft voice. Rosy liked the deer immediately. She replied back. “Hi deer I am Rosy. I am so happy to meet you too. How are you?”

“I am fine Rosy. You will be very happy to know the reason why I am here. ” The deer said.” I am so eager to know it deer. “Rosy replied.” As you have won the first two rounds, we have decided to reward you. I can take you anywhere to meet one person you like the most. You can be with them for a day and come back here. ”

Rosy gets very happy now. She can think of no one else but her mother. She missed her very badly. She immediately hugs the deer and says” Deer please let’s go and meet my mother. I miss her very badly. I know she will miss me even more than that. ”

The deer smiles and says,” Sure Rosy. We will leave early tomorrow morning. Get up early and get ready soon. Sleep now. Good night. ” Rosy bid good night to both the deer and the eagle and goes to bed. She could hardly sleep that night. She has a whole day to spend with her mother. She would tell all about the puzzles, the eagle, the lion and all the girls.

She was thinking all happy thoughts and went to sleep. She woke up very early the next morning. She brushed her teeth, took bath and dressed in a colorful gown that shone like a rainbow. It was a bright orange colored frock with blue and green color laces here and there. She wore a white shoe and she brushed her hair for one last time and looked at the mirror.

She looked so pretty and clean. Her mother would be happy to see her a dressed up by herself so neat and tidy. She went to the garden and saw there were roses. She immediately plucked a bunch of bright red roses and made a bouquet. She tied it with a golden thread that was in her table and she held it against the sun to look at it closely.

It was so pretty and it smelled so lovely. It was the best gift for her sweet mother. She thought so lovingly. She was waiting for the deer at the lawn and started walking restlessly. “Good morning Rosy.” She turned to see Charlotte coming towards her.

“Good morning Charlotte. It’s so early. Do you always get up so early? ” Rosy asked her.” I had a dream of meeting my mother and suddenly felt I missed her so much. I could not sleep after that. I woke up immediately after that. Why did you wake up so early Rosy? ” Charlotte asked.

Rosy told all about the deer and that she was going to meet her mother. Charlotte started crying.” I am sorry Rosy. I do not mean anything bad. It’s just that I wanted to see mother and now do not have the chance to do it. ”

Rosy felt too bad for Charlotte. She was about to wipe her tears when she saw the deer coming towards her. Suddenly an idea struck her. She rushed to the deer.” Good morning Rosy. I feel that you are all ready. Shall we leave now? ” the deer asked her.

” I am ready deer. But I have a question. Can you please answer it?” Rosy asked her. She continued, “Can we take Charlotte along with us? She misses her mother very badly and she may feel bit happy when she meets her mother.”

“Oh Rosy. I appreciate your care. But the lion has instructed me to take only one of you girls to meet your mother and since you have won the first two rounds you have won this place. “The deer replied.
Rosy became silent and started thinking. Finally she said,” Can you take Charlotte to see her mother instead of me deer.? I feel so sad to see her crying.”

She was almost in tears when she said this but she was bold. She looked at the deer. The deer smiled at her and said, ” l can do that. Are you sure you want to give this chance to Charlotte and not meet your mother.?” Rosy said yes and went to Charlotte who was still crying.

“Charlotte don’t cry. You go with the deer to meet your mother. ” Charlotte could not believe her ears. She hugged Rosy and thanked her. She rushed to the deer to start to her mother when Rosy called her.” Please take this bunch of roses to your mother. I took it for my mother but since I am not going, these will make your mother happy at least.”

Charlotte thanked her again for the roses. And went with the deer to meet her mother. Rosy went to her room and cried for a couple of minutes. She was so happy to meet her mother but now she gave her chance to someone. She felt happy after a while that she has made Charlotte happy.

She was busy the whole day reading books in the Lions library and was helping the gardeners tend the garden. Towards evening she was completely tired. She was about to go to her room to sleep when she saw the lion calling her.

“Rosy dear you are a very special girl. You try to make others happy though you get sad because of that. It’s a big thing you gave your chance to Charlotte to meet her mother. We have a special gift for you. ”

Rosy goes to the lion and smiles and asked with eager eyes, ” I am very interested to know lion. What is the special gift? ” The lion turns and calls someone. The person walks in towards her. She could not control her joy. She jumps towards the person and hugest her tight. Its her mother. Her mother too hugs her and kisses her.

She could not think of anything else. Her mother’s warmth was enough for her. She thinks she will even give her chance to be a Princess to be with her mother all the time.

We leave you here Rosy with your mother. Have a great time and be ready for the next puzzle. We are waiting for you to solve it.

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