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Princess Rosy – Episode 8

Rosy could hardly contain her excitement. She was literally jumping and hopping as she made her way to her room. BUZZZZZZZZZZ. Suddenly she could hear the fireflies buzzing merrily in the garden. She wanted to spend some time in the moonlight. She went to the garden.

She was feeling so happy seeing the tiny torches. She tried to catch them but they flew faster and escaped from her. Rosy laughed. She was about to leave the garden and make her way to room when she saw someone sitting under a tree nearby. Rosy went near the tree.

She went close to the person sitting there and found that it was Evelyn. ” Hi Evelyn ” Rosy called out. Evelyn did not realise Rosy coming closer to her. She was surprised. She got up and shook hands with Rosy. ” Hello Rosy” She said.

“What are you doing under the tree in this late hour and why do you look so sad? ” Rosy asked her. Evelyn looked as if she was about to cry. ” Rosy I am really very very sad. I dont know if I will ever be happy again. ” She said. Rosy got shocked. She can never see anyone crying.

“Evelyn please dont cry. Just tell me what happened and maybe I can help you. ” Rosy said in a caring voice. Evelyn looked up at Rosy and said, ” Rosy I came here to become a Princess but I have not succeeded in even one task. Also I am not pretty at all. See i have so many freckles. Noone will ever like me. ” She said and cried.

” Dont ever think noone likes you Evelyn. We all like you. And dont worry about the puzzles too. You can succeed in the coming puzzles. ” Rosy said gently trying to cinvince her but Evelyn went on crying.Rosy was about to comfort her again when she saw a big bush nearby. There were bunches and bunches of roses. Suddenly Rosy got an idea and took Evelyn near the bushes.

“See the lovely Roses Evelyn. Dont you feel happy seeing the bright red roses and smelling their heavenly fragrance? ” Rosy asked her. Evelyn looked at the roses once and said, ” I am not interested in the Roses now Rosy. I am feeling so sad. ” Evelyn replied.

” See there is a reason why I took you here. The roses have so much thorns on the stem. And it is very difficult to go near the plant because of them. But still people go and be near it or take it in their arms to admire it. We are also similar to that. When we have something good , people will overcome all thorny hurdles and be with you ever. It need not be just beauty. It can be anything good. ” Rosy said.

Evelyn suddenly looked so happy. ” I can see things clearly now. Thank you Rosy for making me understand this. I will be good and motivate people like the way you did just now. I will compete well in the puzzles too. ” She said happily.

Both the girls looked so lovely in the moonlight and the diamond stars. They decided to go back to their rooms and sleep. They made their way to the room when they heard a small voice calling them.” Rosy , Evelyn. Can you hear me? ”

They searched a lot but could not find the source of the voice. It called them again. They searched again and found that a small robin was calling them. It was so small with a lovely set of blue eyes and a tiny sharp beak.

“Hello there. I was listening to all that you both were talking. I am so happy that you understood the value of goodness in your lives. ” Rosy and Evelyn looked happily. ” “There is a party scheduled at the top of the oak tree. Would you like to come? The squirrels asked me to invite you both. ” The robin said.

Rosy and Evelyn looked at each other. They badly wanted to go but it was so late in the night. The robin looked at them and understood their problem. ” Its just for an hour. We will come back soon. Dont worrry. ” The robin said.

Rosy and Evelyn accepted the invitation and walked towards the oak tree.

Have a great time at the party Rosy. We will also enjoy with you. We will also be good and make friends like the Rose.

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