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Promises in Lent – Believe and Have Faith

This is to bring us more closer to God in all our activities.

We have decided to observe the Lent and have decided to follow Jesus. But why this nagging doubt at the back of our brain always that will it be possible to have all my prayers answered? Will God come with me in all my endeavours? Will God be there for me?

Just throw away all the doubts you have. He is the God who has promised all Good things for us and forgives us umpteen times with His abundant Grace on all our shortcomings. He still does not forsake us and always call us to Him. All he ever asks is you need to have faith on Him.

God never says if you believe in me I will get things done for you. He says if you trust me, my plans will be done for you which will put you in a much better position than you ever imagined. Just believe in Him and have faith.

He does not make things easy for you. He did not make things easy for His son Jesus too. Instead He makes things possible. That is the biggest promise He always keeps.

A small excerpt from the Bible.

Luke 1:37 says,

For with God nothing shall be impossible.

It is possible to achieve all the impossibles’ with little faith.

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