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Promises in Lent – Never Forget to Pray

Today’s promise is the best of all promises one can ever do and the only promise which will solve all our problems. Never forget to pray or better yet start every day with a prayer.

Every day is new and full of challenges and competitions. We need to prepare ourselves in full form to face every minute of life. But life always offers expect the unexpected agenda. So how do we prepare?

It’s your mind set that prepares the entire day for you. The seed you sow in the subconscious mind at the start of the day decides your mood for the rest of the day. When you have decided on something, the whole universe conspires to get it done. Thats the way God has planned things for us.

Let’s assume we start the day with so much anxiousness and stress. Your day will end so too. You have instructed your mind to be prepared for stress and so all it expects is stress.

Try starting your day with a prayer for a change. Prayer is not just reciting certain phrases or chanting something. Ask your deepest desires and share your concerns to God. Tell Him you need this and you need that and you will be good and work hard to achieve it. Just ask His guidance and support to achieve all that you desire.
Starting your day with Hope will end your day with Hope too. Also you focus better and become a better person every day going forward.

A small excerpt from the Bible. Philippians 4:6 says
Do not worry about anything. Instead pray for everything.

God is ready to give anything. He just wants us to ask Him personally through a small prayer, repenting for all the bad things we have done in the past and the promise of all good deeds in the future. Let’s never miss that opportunity.

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