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Promises in Lent – Try to Reduce Your Temper

This is a promise which will start cleansing us from within.

Temper is something that happens when we are not able to tolerate a particular person or a event. For some the threshold to contain is more and for some it is less.

Nevertheless temper cannot be avoided at all. Even Jesus Christ lost his cool when He saw Hawkers flooding the temple at Jerusalem.

We can do one thing instead. Increase the threshold to contain our displeasure. Temper is a very bad thing which will hamper all our nerves and makes us stressed. Why to do something that will affect our health eventually? Analyse yourself. If you get angry for something in 5 minutes, try to increase your patience to 2 more minutes.

Do not clench your teeth and fist for the two minutes. Instead try to divert. Take your phone immediately and call someone you love or just plug in your headphones and tune in the radio or eat something. Just go and do something that will make you forget your temper for a while.

It’s definitely a hard thing to do bit once practised it helps in protecting your health in the long run and also the relationship with the person whom you get angry on.

Also just remember one thing, if you don’t get angry, it means you give the other person one more chance. He is in your grace and you will go places in God’s grace. Is it not a wonderful thing?

A Small excerpt from the Bible. Proverbs 19:11 says,
Good sense makes one slow to anger, and it is his glory to overlook an offense.

Slow to Temper makes you grow faster in the sight of God.

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