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Revenge Episode 10

King Ravi Varma and Thondaiman was about to eat when they were interrupted by a soldier announcing the arrival of Kabilan, the chief of the spy force. They immediately left the food and went out of have a private chat.

“You know something. I feel so tired nowadays and not able to concentrate on anything solid. ” Meenakshi was telling her 27 year old adopted Selvan. Though very few years elder to him, he considered her mother from the bottom of his heart.

” Don’t worry about it mother. Now that Rajarajan has returned to the palace we will ask him to have a look at you. You will be better in a jiffy. ” He replied.

” To tell you the truth I feel pregnant again. I only hope I don’t lose this baby too on birth. ”
Selvan went speechless with joy. ” Mother if this is true, I would do anything to keep the baby safe. Don’t worry. Everything will be alright. You have your food now. They may not return soon as Kabilan will have lots to share usually. ”

She insisted on him to eat with her and they started with the tomato soup. When it was poured, Selvan drank it in a gulp as he felt too hungry and he reached out to pour more in his goblet.

Meenakshi who got up to help him to pour suddenly fainted toppling the table and emptying all the contents on it. Selva dropped his goblet and rushed to help her.

“Selva give me the cycle now. It’s my turn now. ”

Vinoth who was lurking in the bushes to avoid Kandasamy heard the voices of two kids in the street playing and turned back suddenly. How long it may get he can never forget that he was christened Selvan at birth.

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