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Revenge Episode 11

Thondaiman’s shrieks and commands were clearly heard by him. He was shouting aloud and asking soldiers to bring a cot to carry him outside. He was giving orders to find what he made him to reach the ultimate decision – suicide.
He smiled to himself. “Let Thondaiman try his best.He will never live to find out a solution.” The pain he experienced while passing the dagger across his chest suddenly started reducing. “Maybe death is too close” He thought.

As he looked down, he saw the wound in the chest completely healed. He felt like never before. He felt stronger. He was utterly confused. He did not stir. He was deep in thoughts. Suddenly it hit him hard.

“But how?” He thought. “I never drank it.”

This memory felt fresh. After he finished mixing the potion in the Kings soup, he was about to leave the galley when he felt a fit of cough. Hearing this the bodyguards of the king and the crown Prince came running and offered him a drink.

Little did he know then that it was the same fateful soup he mixed the potion with.
“I have to do something. I cannot live like this. “His eyes could not control the tears. It was rolling everywhere from his eyes to his long beard.

” The King. He is the only solution. I have to find him now. ”

He blinked back his tears. He saw that there was no one except a couple of soldiers at the entrance of the room. Seizing the opportunity he fled from the palace without alerting a soul.

Kandasamy ran back to Raj’s house to tell him what he heard just now. Maybe the police can get a clue about Srinivasan’s murder. Also he felt his life was in danger. He wanted to get the culprit punished soon.
On reaching, he was disappointed to see not much of policemen. Only a couple of them were left behind and they did not seem much important to him. He decided to go to Raj and tell him to contact the chief officers to take immediate action.

There was Noone in the ground floor. He was calling Raj and made his way up the stairs by himself when he heard a big sobbing noise. He peeped in the room from where it was heard.

An old man was sitting on the corner of the bed and was crying his heart out. Kandasamy felt pity. He went to him
and touched his shoulder. Suddenly the old man gripped his neck with an extraordinary force and began to choke him.

“who are you.? What are you trying to do here? ” The old man began to shout.

” Stop. He is the one who can identify Vinoth. We need him. Don’t do anything stupid. ” As Raj came in and stopped him, the old man controlled his fury and sank back on the bed.

Kandasamy lay frozen. He wanted to run from this place as soon as he can.

” I don’t know how many more death should I see.? ” The old man was blabbering as he cried.

” It was your fault from the beginning. Now you have taken my father’s breath away too. Be happy with the reward revenge has given you” Raj shouted back and threw a vase at the old man.

He had a deep cut and blood started to ooze. Kandasamy felt bad and rushed to the old man. As he turned to the nearest table for a piece of cotton to wipe the wound and returned back, the wound was nowhere to be seen. It had healed back.

Kandasamy shrieked and fell back while Rajarajan continued to sob.

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