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Revenge Episode 12

Kandasamy fainted on seeing the old man’s wound heal. It was too much for him to bear. It was the second immortal he had witnessed in a day. He could not get a plausible explanation for any of that. When he regained his senses he found he was lying in a bed.

The old man was seated on a chair and watched him intently. Kandasamy raised slowly from the bed. The old man immediately jumped and rushed to him. He was clutching a portrait tightly in his hand. He was shoving it under Kandasamy’s eyes and shouted, “Tell me how he looks like now. How has he disguised him after these years.”
Kandasamy wanted to badly run from the place. There was something so haunting about that old man and he feared about him. He could not make any sense on his blabber. He knew he had no choice but to see the portrait and answer the old man.

He took the portrait in his hand. It was a very old one and the person on that looked like a King. He had never seen that person before. He conveyed it to the old man. The old man looked shocked. He called out Raj. He asked him to show the various images of the King he had photoshopped in his laptop.

He opened an album and asked Kandasamy to identify Vinoth in any of that. Kandasamy’s head started to roll. He has not seen any of that person in the album. He denied seeing any of them. Finally almost dragging, Rajarajan took Kandasamy to the portrait room.

He took him to the shelves of the portraits and started showing all the portraits to him. He could not bear any of that. He was getting utterly confused. He could not see Vinoth or even his resemblance in any of them.

He was planning to somehow get out of Rajarajan’s hold and out of the house. He was planning when he suddenly saw a portrait that resembled Vinoth. He reached for it and took it in his hand. It was the spitting image of Vinoth. He shouted, “This is him.”

Rajarajan grabbed the portrait and his eyes sent wide. It was never the king then. It is Thondaiman. “Raj,” He shouted “We need to find the Kings grave then”. Raj went mad. He shouted back, “Now that we know it’s not the king why on earth do we need to find him now.”

“Call Professor Shanmugam immediately and ask him about his progress. I will explain things in a while. ” He Ordered Raj and went back to his thoughts. Raj, though red with fury obliged to end it all.

He went to the other room to talk. Rajarajan was sitting in the rocking chair and rolled to and fro for what it seemed ages when Raj came back.” It seems we have come to an end then. The kings grave, skeletal remains and last possessions are found by Shanmugam. We will start immediately. ”

Rajarajan could not believe his ears. When Srinivasan gave the suggestion of funding an archeologist to find the king he was skeptical bit now it had turned out fruitful. As he turned to leave, he heard Raj say,
” They found everything except the Signet ring it seems. ”

” What? ” He screamed. A loud thud distracted them. As they rushed to the window all they could see was a bright silhouette image and street light brightly illuminated his ring in the left hand.

“who is that? “Raj shouted. The person turned back to reveal a panting tired Vinoth.” Selvan stop. Our cure lies in your ring. ” Rajarajan shouted and fell on the ground.

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