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Revenge Episode 13

‘The Ring. The Ring. The Ring.’ Rajarajan was blabbering all the while Raj tried to put a shot on him to revive. Raj was so irritated and frustrated that he really wanted to hit the old man badly but remained calm. He was too angry to mourn for his father too. Kanda looked perplexed. He did not know what to do. He simply helped Raj as he asked him to pass on things from the nearby table.

Once everything was done, Raj called his servant and asked for a cup of coffee and seeing Kanda nearby he ordered one more too. When it was served, he politely served it to Kanda and spoke softly, ‘I know how you feel. Please relax. I will tell you what’s happening here. Maybe that will lift a burden from my heart.‘

Kanda felt relieved. At last he was going to get answers. Maybe that will ease his pain too. All these events are not usual and things were going worse as per his understanding. Even his life is at stake here. ‘Maybe I die or I don’t die. I just want to know why I am being killed.’ He thought.

After finishing his cup of coffee Raj sat on the couch and started gravely,

‘It all happened several generations ago. King Ravi Varma, the third was a great ruler admired and loved by all. His commander in chief was Thondaiman and a very close friend of him. His Minister was Kabilan. His royal Physician was Rajarajan. Ravi Varma had a Queen named Meenakshi. They both tried to have children but couldn’t. Either the Queen had a miscarriage or the child was stillborn. They adopted Selvan, the son of Thondaiman to be the Crown Prince and things were going on fine. One day the King who loved hunting went on his usual hunting trips. He saw something move in the bushes and shot an arrow thinking it to be a deer. But it turned to be Rajarajan’s son. The King had accidentally killed the Physician’s son.

Rajarajan swore to take revenge on the king and he gave something to the King that made him immortal. He cannot die or age. He will remain as such. But it so happened Rajarajan drank some of it accidentally that he also became immortal. The King came to know of it and he went out of his country not informing anyone, unable to face anyone. The King had a signet ring made out of a very rare metal named Rhenum which when melted and made as a potion can change their immortality. So we are searching for the King for a very long time to make both of them mortals again.
Since the King is lost from History too, many Historians are eager to research on him. So we funded an archeologist to get to know the King. This was one of our measure to find him. He called us today to tell that they have found the King. So the King is not immortal then. Maybe someone else drank it. My father thought it was Thondaiman , his close friend who drank the potion by mistake. But it seems that it is not him too. Because the King’s grave contained a map to Thondaiman’s grave. The archeologist went to that grave too. He found many valuable things and manuscripts in the grave along with detailed descriptions of events on what happened.

The King and his adopted son Selvan was on a casual riding trip when they found Selvan could not be injured at all. Not able to know why they went hiding and went to various places to discover what had happened to him. When Thondaiman started searching for them, he found that Rajarajan had done something to make the King immortal.

Thondaiman too joined the King and Selvan and fled to various parts to find the cure.

When they couldn’t they framed a plan to Selvan to live certain period at every part of the world to escape questions of immortality and aging. Selvan obliged and went to live as ordered. They both tried to find the cure for it but unfortunately ended up without it. Selvan did not know the Physician too has the same plight and when he saw the Physician’s descendant he grew so angry and killed my father.‘

‘But He did not kill your father’ Kanda suddenly said remembering. ‘When I was searching for Vinoth, I heard two voices discuss that your father troubled Vinoth and they had to finish him up. They swore to kill me too if I troubled him. ‘

‘What???? ‘Said Raj shocked. ‘Now who are these people? ‘

Rajarajan suddenly woke and sat up with a start. ‘We need to immediately find the ring. Please make me mortal. The solution is very near but I am not able to get it. Please help me.’ He started to sob hysterically. Kanda looked at him with a fit of anger now. His idea of revenge backfired and now he too had spent generations looking at the death of all his loved ones. The thought made him shudder. Revenge is not sweet always.

Raj looked expressionless. He has seen Rajarajan break like this for so many times. He waited for his wail to finish. He stared at Rajarajan and asked, ‘Do you know who is defending Vinoth? There seems to be someone who is working with him now. Do you have any idea? Because if we try to find Vinoth, those people may harm us back.’
‘I don’t care how many people defend him. He has the ring and I want it. Please find him.’ He continued to blabber. Raj gave in. It’s no use talking to Rajarajan. He looked at Kanda and said, ‘We need to find Vinoth quick. He needs to be given the cure he was waiting for generations.’

‘But how??’ Kanda looked confused.

‘We had thought of using this as a ruse to find the King. We will use it on Vinoth too. ‘ Raj replied

‘What is that?’ Kanda demanded urgently.

‘Queen Meenakshi’s last desire. ‘

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