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Revenge Episode 8

King Ravi Varma was visibly upset. He could relate the pain Rajarajan felt on losing his son as he himself has lost all his 3 sons on birth. The crown prince Selvan is the biological son of Thondaiman and he had adopted him. Though he loved him dearly he could not help but long for a baby he fathered. The royal astrologer had precldicted a son for him so was waiting anxiously.

He started spending much of his time in the royal temple where he felt peaceful. Thondaiman came to visit him. He was so loyal to the king that he cannot see him sad for a long time.

He arranged for a pilgrimage which he guessed would lift the kings mood. He offered to accompany the king. Off went the king with the Queen Meenakshi, Commander in chief Thondaiman and his adopted son Selvan.

On the way they decided to camp for the night. All arrangements were made and they were discussing about the deity they were going to worship when a soldier announced the coming of Rajarajan to their camp.

King Ravi Varma got perplexed. He did not know how to react. He asked the soldier to let him in. The teary faced physician entered the tent and he did not have any pleasantries to begin. He came to the point.

‘I am sorry by the way I shouted at you. I wish to get back to my duties. May I? ‘

The king was relieved beyond words. Not only the physician had forgiven him but also wished to continue in his service. This was complete forgiveness. He was happy. He said he was more than happy to see him back at the palace.

Rajarajan excused himself and went to the place where the food was being cooked for the royalties. He went inside and saw a big jar of tomato soup made specially for the king. He knew the king would drink it before every meal. He mixed a powder in it which he hid in a punch in his cummerbund.

He started imagining the consequences and felt insanely happy. He was so mad that he failed to listen the words uttered by King Ravi Varma in a bit loud voice than usual, ‘Serve my favorite soup to all of us. We will start celebrating my peace with my favorite food’, to which everyone obliged.


Raj tried all known ways to bring his dad back but failed. He finally gave in. Tears poured uncontrolled. He could not believe his father is no more. The servant had called the police. They arrived and started asking questions. He could not answer anything properly in grief.

The police decided to leave him alone for now. They waited for the forensic people to arrive. As they sat waiting, they received a call in the landline. It was Prof . shanmugam. He was crestfallen on hearing Srinivasan’s death.
He left the receiver on the hook and looked at his assistant Babu and said, ‘our patron was murdered a while ago. Now how are we supposed to work further without funds’. He looked sadly at the roll of parchments he held which read ‘Map to Thondaiman’ s grave which holds all my treasure ‘ in ancient Tamil.

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