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St. Sebastin

St.Sebastin is one of the famous saints of the catholic church. He is believed to have lived in the third century. Not much is known to us about his parents and childhood but history pops about his youth. He may have come from southern France and he was educated in Milan. He joined the roman Army in 283 AD to secretly help out the Christians who were being persecuted by the romans in great numbers.

He was helping the Christians but gave an excellent service otherwise to the royals in protecting them that he was made a Praetorian Guard to protect Emperor Diocletian. During that time, twin brothers Marcus and Marcellian, were imprisoned not to offer sacrifices to the Roman God.

Their parents came and tried to persuade them to come out of Christian faith when st.Sebastin spoke to them and converted them to Christians. He was then exposed and the emperor was furious. He ordered St.Sebastin to be tied and used as a target practice for arrows. He was shot at various places and was left to die.

But he did not die and was saved by Irene, a catholic woman whose husband was also martyred. She nursed him back to health. Once recovered, st. Sebastin went back to the emperor to confront him. He was shocked but regained his senses and caught the saint once again. He was now clubbed to death and thrown in the gutter.

His body was recovered by Lucina, who gave him a befitting burial. His body, or parts of his body were then exhumed and taken as relics and kept at various parts of the World. A special silver case was made and his cranium alone was taken and kept in a German Monastry.

In the early days, St.Sebastin was considered a Patron of protection against plague. That was the deadliest disease back then. Since the Saint survived so many arrows eventually shot to kill him but survived , people belived he had the powers to endure all and come back alive. Once the concept of plague went underground, St.Sebastin is called out for all atheletes, soldiers and those who wish for a saintly death.

Feast – January 20

Patron of – Athletes, Soldiers

St.Sebastin’s Prayer

Dear Commander at the Roman Emperor’s court,
you chose to be also a soldier of Christ and dared to spread
faith in the King’s of King’s, for which you were condemned to die.
Your body, however proved athletically strong and the
executing arrows extremely weak, so another means to
kill you was chosen and you gave your life to the Lord.
May athletes be always as strong in
their faith as you so clearly have been.


St.Sebastin’s Guidance Prayer

O Lord, grant us the spirit of fortitude, so that guided by the example of the martyr St. Sebastian, we may learn to bear witness to the Christian Faith and patiently support the sufferings of life. Through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

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