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The Magic

Fine then. See you tomorrow.” Her laughter was still ringing in his mind as he drove back to his place on the deserted road. It was a Saturday evening and they had gone to the beach together. It was never a date ever. They liked each other’s company and spent the weekends together. They were compatible, understanding and have great fun together but it always end just like that. No other frivolities. No advances from either of them.

He had developed great feelings for her but couldn’t just bring about to tell her. He felt it will be deep if she did not reciprocate his feelings. But also felt like he was too emotionally dependent on her.
She called him the next morning. They both spoke for a while and were rudely interrupted by the doorbell. “I will call you in a while”, he said and threw the mobile at the couch and went to answer the door. The call was never disconnected and she was waiting at the other end. The visitor was his friend and they both started chatting.

She thought he was finishing the welcome formality to get back to her and talk and stayed online. “Did you see the rose plant today? It has got 5 roses now” she heard him tell his friend. She smiled. The rose plant was his latest crush now. He spared no efforts to make the plant bloom but the plant just refused to grow. She was happy for him now. His friend cut him short and replied,”Hey leave all that out. Did you or not speak about what you feel about her to her? You are so full of love for her that one day you may burst”.

Her heart skipped a beat. She felt so comfortable and safe with him but never gave a thought more on this. She began to think of his role in his life and suddenly she felt light. Now that she knew what he felt about her, she was clear on what she needed too. Of course she loved him.

They didn’t get a chance to converse the whole day and the weekend was over. Monday came by and she was more than eager to see him. She was full of girly giggles till she saw him. She tried to control herself blush. He came and was about to say something when she gushed him up. He tried to put in a word and started, “Hey, just listen to me.” She said, “Wait. I have something to tell you.” She closed her eyes and opened in a couple of minutes and said in a tone as if she was in a trance. ”Your plant has gifted you with roses. Not one, not two but five roses in all. Am I correct?

He was taken back. “I cannot just believe it. It’s impossible. How do you know? I never told you.” He was so surprised and could not contain his excitement. He tried to guess how she could have known this but in vain. He was clueless and gave up. He tried to ask her but the only answer he could get was “Magic”. She repeated this again and again and he finally stopped. He said, “I don’t believe this. Do one more magic. I will trust you.
She thought to play along and said, ”You hide something and keep it to yourself. Don’t share with anyone too. I will tell you what you hid and where its hidden at the end of the day.” He was all bright now. He accepted the challenge and moved on. The day was a real drag to him and he was waiting for evening to test her magic. Finally the sun set and the day called it quits. He rushed to see her and found her getting ready for leaving.

He went and asked her to reveal his hidden item and she said, “Drop me home. I will tell you.” With a big smile. “I will do that anyways. Just tell me what I hid and where”. She stayed adamant and soon they were going to her place. They reached and he again started nagging. “Please tell me. I am so desperate to know how you did it. First tell me what I hid and where.”

She tried to while away and said this and that and finally gave in. She looked at his eyes and said, ”I never knew you are that good in hiding. You are hiding my big self in your heart with love.” She had turned crimson. It was his turn to blush now. He could not bring himself to talk anything. He stayed silent but kept staring. He came closer, held her hands and looked into her eyes and finally said, “Now that you have exposed my truth, I have nowhere to hide in but your heart. Will your heart take me in?” Her hands that tightened his grip answered it all. The magic that started that day never ended.

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