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Treasure From The Lent : Wisdom

Wisdom – Quality of having good Knowledge and Judgement

All the lessons learnt in this lent season is to make us wise in all our judgements and decisions and move us one step closer to God. Any Lesson learnt will be useful only when it’s impact is felt in real life.

It’s our duty to make an impact of all our learnings to mark our steps in this world. Being wise is now a choice left to us. Let’s not make any hasty decisions. Practically there is no happily ever after.

Life is full of hurdles. God will never fully remove all the hurdles from our path. He will show us a way to handle them to make us even more wiser and stronger. We should have regular communication with him through prayers to seek his help to face any problem.

Throw away all the controversies that surround Him. He was born as a human. He had a mother, father and relatives. Personally don’t care if he had a spouse too. There cannot be any man as noble as Him. Trust in the finest Gentleman who ever walked on this earth. We can proudly say He is our Heavenly Father.

Thanks a lot for all your support to have stayed with me in this lent season and read all that I could share.


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